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Welcome to my collection of photographs. Please click links to other pages to view photographs. These mainly feature railways in or near Lancashire, but other locations will be visited when time permits. It is also hoped to add photographs of buses and other subjects.

Please note - due to what I presume to be a software bug in Serif Web Plus 4, some photos are "modified" during site preparation, and may appear as blank images. If anyone knows of a good, cheap website construction software without needing knowledge of programming languages (html, etc.), please let me know at :

Latest update 10 January 2012

Please note:- Whilst the site is being reconstructed, you may find a lot of blank pages. These will all be filled with photographs, but it may take a month or three.

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Since the last update, most of the rail photos have been rearranged according to geographical locations on the railway network. Stations are grouped under railway line headings, e.g. Liverpool to Manchester, or West Coast Main Line.

Future rail pages updates are likely to consist of additions of photographs according to location, rather than the previous  "monthly observations" pages. This is partly to reduce the workload of updates, and partly because the software sometimes gives errors if I try to use the same photograph on more than one page.

A summary of the main changes during updates will appear on the "Rail Photos Index" page.  

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10 Jan. 2011

Arrival at Seaforth.

See Bootle branch page.